sabato 7 dicembre 2013

Polymer clay charms

Lately, I've been working a lot with polymer clay. I find it really relaxing and fun to work with.

These were very simple to make, since I have a mold. I put some gold and silver powder to give them a touch of glamour.

Those ones were all handmade. I wanted to make something different, so I decided to make little polymer clay houses charms and to "write" something on them. They turned out to be very pretty and I'll make them in different colours and shape (although I like the house shape very much!).

At last, I made these red cabochon with polymer clay and I used a gold pigment.
As final coating I used resin, instead of varnish, to make a shiny final effect. The small ones are perfect to be bead embroidered.


8 commenti:

  1. Honestly, I couldn't decide which was the prettiest. I like them all. What did you put on the red ones to come out so shiny?

    1. I used epoxy resin, they're very shiny!!

  2. molto belli questi cabo.Anche quelli precedenti

  3. Risposte
    1. sì, è vero. piacciono molto anche a me

  4. Hi Cristina;So hard to make a choice.All of them are beautiful.Greetings from Turkey.