mercoledì 15 gennaio 2014

Preciosa Butterfly Bead Earrings - Orecchini con perle farfalla della Preciosa

Ho usato le perle farfalle della Preciosa e il filo armonico per questi semplici orecchini.

I used Preciosa butterfly beads and memory wire for these simple but pretty earrings.
The Farfalle bead was developed in the Czech Republic. As the shape is reminiscent of a butterfly they were named after the Italian for butterfly, 'farfalla'. Our beads are made by Preciosa. They are 2x4mm and come in strings containing approximately 325 beads. All finishes are durable. Silver linings may change colour through oxidation. Useful to give texture to beadwork. Can be used both in beadweaving and stringing.


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